My speech at the count this morning after we lost Enfield Southgate:

Democracy is still a wonderful thing! Let us not forget that this election campaign has been overshadowed by the dreadful terror attacks. Yesterday's election and today's count demonstrate our freedom and democracy which are the best riposte to terrorists. So thank you polling clerks, returning officers and the police for ensuring the integrity of the ballot.

May I sincerely congratulate Bambos on his victory. It is a great constituency and I wish you well.

I have loved representing Enfield Southgate for the last 12 years. I have always been about service not power, and it is my constituents whom I and my team have helped over the years that matter the most. Thank you Jane for your incredible hard work. Thank you so much Maria and Amber.

I am proud of my record in Parliament..supporting marriage, strong families and relationships, championing human dignity and the vulnerable. Thank you Imogen, Harriet and Pete.

We have fought hard this campaign and thank you to my agent James, Alex, Andre, Edward and the team. We know from Enfield Southgate's history that we have lost and we have won. We will be back..who knows sooner rather than later.

Nationally the Party need to listen to the results and develop an agenda full of hope aspiration and compassion. I look forward to contributing to that agenda.

Finally but most importantly I want to thank my lovely wife Janet and family for all their support over 12 years and before, and thank my Sovereign Lord in whom I trust.