Record of Action

2015 to 2017 

Here I set out my record of action since 2015. 


2017 - April

  • Child Maintenance
    • David introduced a Bill to Parliament to prevent child maintenance avoidance.
    • Unlike the former system, the Child Support Agency no longer allows claimants to challenge the non-residents parents’ payment on grounds of assets or ‘lifestyle incompatible with earnings’. David attempted to reinstate such grounds
  • Transport
    • David met with TfL to press for better transport options to ease congestion and improve the services at Cockfoster tube station.
  • Govia
    • Great Northern performance on the Hertford Loop has been consistently improving every month since November and is now regularly hitting over 90% PPM (Public Performance Measure) on a daily basis. Period 13 (March) – PPM was 88.69%.
  • Broadband
    • David won assurances from the Minister of State for Digital and Culture that increased investment would result in faster broadband speeds in Enfield Southgate.


2017 - March

  • Supporting vulnerable parents
    • David’s call for statutory guidance on local authorities to provide counselling and therapeutic support to vulnerable parents whose own children are permanently removed, was accepted by the Government.
  • White Cider
    • The Budget included a commitment to “consult on introducing a new duty band for still cider just below 7.5% abv to target white ciders”.
    • This decision followed David’s campaign to consult on increasing the price of ‘white cider’ which causes damage to vulnerable young people and the homeless.
  • Religious Freedom
    • David asked the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Women and Equalities to “confirm that in this country a member of an airline’s cabin staff or a receptionist has the right to express their faith freely by wearing a cross or a headscarf, and that that cannot be supressed by any so-called neutral dress code”.
    • The Minister gave her assurance that whilst “companies are entitled to enforce their own dress code, but it is very clear that that dress code must apply equally to all employees, whatever their faith, religion or gender, and the Government are keen to promote that”.
  • Housing Benefit
    • After the Government made a statement on changes to the automatic entitlement to housing costs for some 18 to 21-year-olds, David sought to defer changes for those most at risk of homelessness until the outcome of the supported housing review was known.
    • The Government confirmed that those with complex needs will be exempt from the changes.
  • Detention of Vulnerable Individuals
    • As a part of his campaign to ensure that detention of vulnerable individuals is a ‘last resort’, David secured a commitment from the Government to reduce the number of people in immigration detention.
  • Cycle Enfield
    • David wrote to the Mayor of London to request that he halt the implementation of the A105 Cycle Enfield scheme and suggest that he conduct extensive engagement with stakeholders in order to properly review the safety impact on vulnerable road users.
  • Urinary Tract Infections
    • David met with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health to ensure that constituents receive proper treatment when diagnosed with UTIs.
  • VW Emissions Scandal
    • David sought assurances from Chris Grayling that justice for constituents who are victims of the VW emissions scandal is a key Government focus and that they are monitoring the progress of legal investigations.
    • David becomes a Disability Confident Committed employer.


2017 - February

  • Refugees
    • David calls for the Government to take more child refugees, and deeply regrets the Government’s decision to effectively limit the number of child refugees resettled from Europe to 350 (now revised to 630) under the “Dubs” amendment.
    • David furthermore helped to secure a debate to challenge the Government.
  • School Funding
    • David met with the Education Secretary to express his concern that the NFF proposals do not account for the ‘full cost’ of running a school, and receives direct assurance that the NFF Consultation is a genuine one.
  • EU Nationals
    • David states his support for EU nationals living in Enfield Southgate, saying: ‘as far as I am concerned it would be wrong, unjust and unacceptable to have any deal without EU citizens presently living in the UK having their rights guaranteed.’
  • Relationship Education
    • David led a cross party campaign, of more than 40 MPs, to make relationship education and relationships and sex education a compulsory part of every child's school education. This will help children and parents tackle the pressures of living in an increasingly sexualised world.
    • This seeks to address the fact that most children have seen online pornography by the time they leave Primary School and two thirds will have been asked for a sexual digital image of themselves, usually by a friend, before they leave secondary school.
  • Cycle lanes
    • David continued to apply pressure on the Government and Mayor of London to reconsider the implementation of cycle lane plans in Enfield Southgate.
    • He met separately with both the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, and the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Andrew Jones MP, urging them to rethink plans to introduce the controversial cycle lanes.
  • Burial Reform Bill
    • David presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill to enable a person to make his or her instructions concerning burial binding on their personal representative and to enable a person to make provision about the use of a burial space he or she acquired while living.
  • ULEZ
    • David raised concern at the levels of air pollution near the North Circular Road and questioned the Government about ultra-low emissions zones as a possible solution.
  • Broadband
    • David won Assurances from the Chairman of BT, Sir Michael Rake, that they are investing £6bn over the coming years, meaning that 12m more premises will have ultrafast speeds by the end of 2020


2017 - January

  • Govia Thameslink Railway
    • David continued to apply pressure on Govia Thameslink Railway to ensure continued service improvement in light of ongoing poor service on the Hertford Loop.
    • David met with the Secretary of State for Transport to seek assurances that the Government are committed to ensuring an end to recent immense railway disruption seen in Enfield Southgate and across the country.
    • David met with Govia’s Local Development Manager and the Head of Operations for Great Northern to stress the need for an end to continued disruption on the Hertford Loop.
  • Homelessness Reduction Bill
    • David played a key role in guiding the passage of the bill through Parliament, and in leading whipping operations to ensure its success.
  • Ultrafast Broadband Campaign
    • David joined a cross-party group of 121 MPs in a joint letter to the Telegraph in support of the British Infrastructure Group’s (BIG) report ‘Broadbad’.


2016 - December

  • Govia Thameslink Railway
    • David arranges a public meeting with Govia to address severe disruptions experienced by commuters.
  • New Southgate Cemetery Bill
    • David leads The New Southgate Cemetery Bill through its Second Reading in the House of Commons. The Bill will provide for additional burial space for local people which is particularly used by Cypriots, the Afro and Caribbean community and the Catholic community.
  • Road Safety
    • Continued efforts to improve road safety in Enfield resulted in an annual road safety report finding Enfield Southgate to be in the top 5% safest constituencies in the UK. 
    • Mr Burrowes has long-campaigned for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers since former constituents of his, George and Giulietta Galli-Atkinson, lost their daughter to dangerous driving.
  •  North Middlesex Hospital
    • A CQC report shows improvement in care at North Middlesex Hospital.
    • This comes after David met with Ministers and NHS managers and questioned the Prime Minister after an inspection report was published that found emergency care at the North Middlesex Hospital to be "inadequate".
  • Betting Shops
    • David supported an amendment to the Neighbourhood Bill to tackle the clustering of betting shops in poorer and deprived areas.
    • The Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell agreed to review with the Department for Culture Media and Sport whether to issue guidance to local authorities to ensure that they are aware of the powers that they have to pursue policies to support their ‘viability and vitality’ of communities. 
  • Air pollution
    • David met with the British Lung Foundation and Jenna Sayani, a pupil who attends Salcombe Preparatory School in Southgate to discuss air quality.
    • Multiple local schools are exposed to illegal levels of pollution.
    • David chaired a public meeting at Bowes Primary School which experiences emissions 66% over the legal limit. 
  • Broadband
    • David corresponded with the CEO of Ofcom to confirm plans for the legal separation of Openreach from BT to create a more independent Openreach with improved services.


2016 - November

  • Mobile Phone Coverage
    • David supports the British Infrastructure Group’s call for an end to ‘not-spots’ – areas lacking in coverage from many of the UK’s top mobile operators.
  • Cultural Property Bill
    • David helps secure a Government commitment to protect cultural property in times of conflict.
    • The Cultural Property Bill ratifies the Hague Convention of 1954 and brings the UK in line with 172 others who have already made the commitment to protect cultural property in war-torn lands.
  • Disability Cuts
    • David helps secure a cross-party debate to air concerns over Government plans to cut Employment and Support Allowance payments for disabled people by up to £29 a week without alternative provision.
  • Cultural Heritage
    • David continues to press ministers to protect cultural heritage in Mosul.
    • The Government announces the creation of a new cultural property protection unit (dubbed the ‘Monuments Men’), tasked with providing advice, training and support to operational planning processes as well investigating, recording and reporting cultural property issues from any area of operations.
  • White Cider
    • David begins pressing for an increase in tax on super-strength cider.
  • Mental Health
    • David presses Enfield Council and CCG to reverse cuts planned for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.
    • This comes after it emerges that spending in Enfield on the mental health of children ranks amongst the bottom 10 in the country.
  • Universal Credit Cuts – Work Allowances
    • David secured concessions to the tune of £700 million for ‘just about managing’ families from the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement.
    • Philip Hammond, said “I have considered very carefully the arguments made by … my honourable friend the member for Enfield Southgate, Mr Burrowes and others … and have concluded that from April we can reduce the Universal Credit taper rate from 65% to 63%. This is effectively a targeted tax cut worth £700 million a year by 2021 – 22 for those on low incomes”
  • Disability Cuts
    • David continues to challenge plans to cut ESA payments for disabled individuals, pressing Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State for the DWP, for a guarantee that the loss of WRAG payments for new claimants would not go uncompensated.
    • In reply, the MoS offered ‘reassurance’ that the hardship fund, the flexible support fund and the third-party deals would fully compensate for the loss of the WRAG payments for new claimants.
  • Digital Economy Bill
    • David backed a crackdown on adult websites that fail to implement age verification measures.
    • After suggestions raised and backed by David, the Government have accepted the need for an independent regulator to have the powers to properly enforce new measures requiring adult websites to robustly check the age of their visitors.


2016 - October

  • Refugees
    • David secures an Urgent Question to the Home Secretary to press her for assurance that almost 400 children with a legal right to reside in the UK would be in a place of safety before the imminent destruction of the Calais Jungle on 17th October.
  • Homelessness Reduction Bill
    • David takes a lead role in supporting a Private Members Bill on Homeless Reduction.
    • He is appointed as Whip for the Bill and was responsible for securing support from over 100 colleagues in order to ensure the Bill is passed.
    • Following the successful vote on the second reading, Mr Burrowes took part in a CEO Sleepout in partnership with the homeless charity DePaul UK.
    • David subsequently helped secure Government support for the Homelessness Reduction Bill
  • Lauri Love Extradition
    • David takes a lead role in opposing the extradition of Lauri Love.
    • He questioned the Prime Minister on the case and the effectiveness of the forum bar, designed to provide greater safeguards for vulnerable individuals.
    • More than 100 MPs subsequently signed a letter coordinated by David Burrowes MP to President Obama calling on him to drop the extradition of Lauri Love, an autistic British man accused of hacking into US Government computers.
  • Antisemitism
    • David, alongside the Home Affairs Select Committee, publishes ‘Antisemitism in the UK’.
    • The report suggests that Mr Corbyn may not ‘fully appreciate the distinct nature of contemporary antisemitism’, stating that ‘his lack of consistent leadership on this issue has created what some have referred to as a ‘safe space’ for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people’
    • David has consistently lead efforts to tackle antisemitism in politics and the local community. As such the cross-party report does not pull any punches and calls for urgent action to root out antisemitism.


2016 - September

  • Refugees
    • David calls on Enfield Council to take its fair share of unaccompanied children, 170 of which remain in Calais even though they have links to family in the UK.
    • Enfield Council, despite having signed a motion welcoming refugees, had not provided any places under the vulnerable person’s relocation scheme.
  • Boundary Changes
    • Save Our Southgate is launched
    • ESCA publishes its counter-proposal


2016 - August

  • Refugees
    • David joined a cross party group of MPs, which also included Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Conservative MP Heidi Allen, in a visit to the so called Calais Jungle.
    • The trip focussed on the continued plight of lone child refugees, particularly those seeking family reunion in the UK.
  • Local Transport Issues
    • David secured a number of assurances from TfL regarding transport issues in Enfield, the details of which can be found in the following letter:


2016 - May

  • Knife Crime
    • David secured a commitment from the Government to review how the law might be tightened in relation to the online sale of knives to children.


2016 - April

  • Child Refugees
    •  David led a debate calling for a long-term plan for separated children.


2016 - March

  • Refugees
  • Sunday Trading
    • David led a rebellion of 25 Conservative MPs against the Government’s plans to devolve the decision to extend Sunday Trading hours to local authorities.
    • The Government was defeated after 317 MPs voted in favour of Mr Burrowes’ amendment to delete the Government’s proposal in The Enterprise Bill.


2016 - February

  • Disability Confident Jobs Fair
    • “With this jobs fair, which is being supported by the Department for Work and Pensions, I hope we can match local people with great opportunities available in our thriving small business community in Enfield, and in doing so help to reduce the local disability employment gap.”
    • Over 400 people attended the event, and 30 local employers hosted stalls at the Fair, and special skills workshops ran throughout the day.


2016 - January

  • Tackling Homelessness
    • Having long campaigned for the Government to urgently address homelessness in London with a radical support package, David won a £5 million fund to help prevent homelessness. Additionally, Marcus Jones (the Minister for Local Government) committed to work with homelessness organisations and across government departments to explore options, including legislation, to prevent more people from facing a homelessness crisis in the first place.
  • Psychoactive Substances Bill
    • The Government’s Psychoactive Substances Bill passes following a campaign led by David.
    • The Bill fundamentally changes the way new psychoactive substances are tackled and puts an end to the game of cat and mouse in which new drugs appear on the market more quickly than government can identify and ban them. The blanket ban will be on the production, supply and importation of these harmful substances.
    • David had been leading scrutiny of the Bill, and has spent many years working with charities in Enfield and in Parliament to protect vulnerable people and their families affected by drug and alcohol addiction.


2015 - December

  • Voted to support military action in Syria
  • Cycle Enfield Referendum
    • Halted the ‘Cycle Enfield’ scheme's formal approval process for 2 months pending "more intensively and extensively" engaging with residents and businesses.
    • 75% of respondents opposed the A105 cycle lane scheme.


2015 - November

  • Devolution Bill
    • Tabled an amendment to the Government's Devolution Bill which, if passed, would have disqualified any elected member of a local authority sentenced to any term of imprisonment in the five years prior to their election.


2015 - September

  • Refugees
    • David pressures the Prime Minister to offer sanctuary to more refugees:
    • War Memorial
    • Launched the APPG on Cultural Heritage


2015 - July

  • Knife crime
    • Implementation of the mandatory sentence for being convicted of carrying a knife for the second time.
    • Pressed then Home Secretary Theresa May to implement a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy, whereby if you’re caught with a knife you receive an automatic jail sentence.
  • Greek and Turkish A-Levels
    • David pressed the SoS for Education to safeguard the future of modern languages at GCSE and A-level in Turkish, Greek, and other community languages.
    • Both subjects have been maintained.
    • At a meeting on Monday 8th February at Conservative Headquarters organised by Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes, the following members of the Turkish community met with Schools Minister, Nick Gibb MP, and Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor, to discuss the future of Turkish GSCEs and A Levels. The Minister confirmed that the existing Turkish course and qualifications at GCSE and A Level will be extended until May 2019.


2015 - June


2015 - May

  • Save the Green Dragon Pub Campaign
  • Trent Park Campaign
    • JLL confirm that they will be undertaking all the necessary works required from a Notice of Works issued by Enfield Council on the advice of English Heritage, managing the short term future of Trent Park Campus and carry out essential building works to protect the historic fabric of the Mansion House. 


2015 - April

  • Trent Park Campaign
    • David chaired a public meeting which was attended by over 400 people and a number of speakers including Second World War historian Dr Helen Fry, Friends of Trent Park chairman Peter Gibbs, a senior Enfield Council officer and Christ Church vicar, the Reverend Dr Richard Jones.
    • Since this meeting, the campaign has reached cross-party support and the petition has almost 4000 signatures.
    • The Campaign was proving to be a great success, attracting interest from The Department of Community, Media and Sport, The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the GLA cultural office and English Heritage.

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