My Plan

This is my plan to secure a better future for Enfield Southgate

  • Fight violent crime

    It's a top priority for me to fight violent crime by ensuring more police are catching more criminals and taking knives and gangs off our streets, and halting the cycle of young people turning to crime.

  • Improve access to health and social care

    Together, we can improve access to health and social care by using additional NHS funds to increase access to GPs, particularly at evenings and weekends, and supporting a fairer funding for social care. 

  • Protect the Green Belt and Local Environment

    One of my key aims is protecting the Green Belt and Local Environment by supporting appropriate housing but not at the expense of the Green Belt, and retaining weekly bin collections. 

  • Improve transport

    I will improve transport by upgrading the Piccadilly Line, improving train services, providing better value for money and supporting progress of Crossrail 2.