Sajid Javid visits Palmers Green

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, and good friend of David Burrowes, Sajid Javid, came to Palmers Green on Tuesday to visit local buisnesses. In an address to the press he said the following words: 

"We can see our message is resonating out there whether its with businesses or on the doorstep in Enfield Southgate. People want to end the uncertainty. They want us to get Brexit done and with a deal so we can have a smooth exit and stay friends with our European partners. But also, they want us to then focus on our people's priorities, which are the NHS, more police on the streets, our schools. I remember when you (David) were in Parliament and how you got that extra funding for Chase Farm hospital, the 120 million - what Enfield Southgate has lacked is a local champion that truly cares about local people. And in this Election, people will get a chance on Thursday to vote again for a local champion who is going to care for them but also someone who will be part of a conservative majority and help to move this country forward. So please vote for my friend David on Thursday and let's take this country forward!"